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Tutorials Flashing Samsung GT-i5503, or GT - i5500 Android

Tutorials Flashing Samsung GT-i5503, or GT - i5500 Android
CHAPTER I. Flashing Equipment

Hardware Preparation
Original Mini-USB Cable
Galaxy 5 Clear to its model or the GT-i5503 GT-i5500
PC or Laptop
Flashing Preparation Software
Samsung Usb Drivers
Odin Multi Downloader v4.28 [/ url]
OPS File (EUROPA_v1.0.ops file)
Winrar / ZIP / 7zip (need to extract the compressed file)
Make sure the powersupply G5 filled 85% and PC Power Supply in good condition. (See also electricity ga jail again?, Like the electrical turn matiin .. he should not die power / better have UPS)

CHAPTER. II Preparation started Flashing

Preparation File - File on your PC or Laptop
Install Samsung USB Drivers (make sure is installed properly)
Creating a Special Folder to File - File Flashing eg GT-i5503
Copy File "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe" and "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" in Folder GT-i5503
Install WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip
Download the firmware or rom and place it in a folder I5503DXJP6.rar GT-i5503
Extract using WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip firmware or rom I5503DXJP6.rar once extracted open the folder will exist File I5503OLBJP6.tar
Now Agan cyst Om Tante had 3 files in the Folder GT-i5503 ie "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe", "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" and "I5503OLBJP6.tar"
Preparation Telephone Galaxy 5
Turn off the G5 agan om sista aunt and open its rear casing G5
Disconnect the battery then unplug Unplug the SD Card and SIM CARD
If It's Fit again batterynya
When the G5 in the OFF position, press and hold down three buttons simultaneously, namely:
Volume Down Button + Middle (the largest button in the middle PAD) + Power Button
Press and Hold 3 buttons until the G5 screen appear the words and images "Downloading"

CHAPTER. Starting III Flashing using Odin Multi Downloader

Part One Flashing
If installed on a PC or Laptop SAMSUNG Kies, Kies make sure its programs in turn first
Connect G5 (still in a state of downloading mode) to your PC or laptop using the Original Mini-USB Cable
Part Two Flashing
Open the folder and run the GT-i5503 "Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe" program.
Make sure the Box "COM Port Mapping" YELLOW colored, if not, then there is a problem with a USB Cable, Samsung USB Driver or G5 is not in a state of downloading, so the G5 can not be flashed until the problem is fixed
Make sure Autoreboot, Protect OPS and One Package in check; Debug Only do not be in check
Choose File OPS: OPS click button. Dialog box opens, navigate to the folder GT-i5503 and then select "EUROPA_v1.0.ops"
Select the firmware or rom: Click One Package button. Dialog box opens, navigate to the folder GT-i5503 and then select "I5503OLBJP6.tar"
Before continuing to pray first and make sure the back step - a step above,,
Click the "START BUTTON" to start flashing. Flashing takes approximately 5 minutes and will be seen flashing in the status message box on the left
Your G5 will automatically reboot in the process of flashing, wait until at odin says "PASS" indicates that the process be successful Flashing ...
Part Three After Flashing
Flashing Done after the process and success .. Mandatory in your G5 HARD RESET by using secret code
for hardreset, open the Dialer tab (common to call) and type * 2767 * 3855 #
Hardreset This process takes a few seconds or minutes,
Once the process is completed hardreset G5 and G5 auto reboots its entry into the home screen modes indicate successful
To ensure that the version of Firmware Flashing Phone Information checks; * # * # 1234 # * # *


1. Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe
2. EUROPA I5500 v1.0.ops
3. Firmware I5503DXJP6.rar
4. SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86.exe
5. 7-Zip

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